Visual Communication Conference 13th~15th April, GUST, Kuwait



Hanan Abbas, Graphic Designer, currently a senior student at Gulf University for Science & Technology, is graduating with a BA in Mass Communications, majoring in Visual Communication. A self-taught illustrator and designer, Hanan has been drawing ever since her childhood. Her work is always related to children, designing simple designs and pretty much anything cute.    

Talk: : It's all about cute designs and drawings. Room:W6-500

Owner of Pink Coffee Marketing & PR company and founder of the Pink Coffee Initiative (a program that runs youth outreach, health campaigns, and entrepreneurship workshops). Shamlan has over 15 years of experience in a range or marketing and corporate communication activities. Through his career, Shamlan strives to make his business and his communities more successful.
Talk: Living in the out Side of the Inside. Room:W6-500




Creator of THE 99, the world-acclaimed comic superheroes who are born from an Islamic archetype. Forbes Magazine recently named THE 99 as one of the top 20 trends sweeping the globe and, US President Barack Obama praised Dr. Naif and THE 99 as perhaps the most innovative of new entrepreneurs viewed at his Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship. Dr. Naif holds an MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University.
Talk: Out of thin air: The entrepreneurial journey behind THE 99. Room:W6-500

Chairman of the Committee for Comics against Corruption and member of the Kuwait Transparency Society, Bader is a political cartoonist whose work has appeared in newspapers such as Alrai, Alwattan, Aljarida, Alsiyasa, Al Kuwaitiya, and the Afaq collegiate newspaper. In addition, he has been featured in two personal expos, as well as in the Alyaqaza, Altalia’a, Ajial Al Kuwait and Studentalk publications.
Talk: I Draw, I Exist. (In Arabic). Room:W6-500
CCEO of Brand Productions and founder of Rawaj TV & Film Productions. Meshari's degree is in Digital Animation and Mass Communications, from California State University-Fullerton, where he majored in Film and TV. He has produced several movies and documentaries, including Arabic several historical series on figures like Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed, Antara, and Lawrence of Arabia. He has also worked on Kuwaiti television series.
Talk: Quraindizer. (In Arabic) Room:W6-500

Interior & Furniture Designer, as well as a Mechanical Engineer by background. Faisal's journey into art began as a child in his arts & craft classes. His joy for art inspired him to seek bigger projects, including the time he painted his family's house without their permission. While he might have driven his relatives mad at times, he has grown to be passionate about everything related to arts, crafts, furniture, colors, calligraphy and interior design. His motto: "It takes me, or I Take It. "
Talk: Me and I. (In Arabic) Room:W6-500
Co-Founder and Information Director at AOK Architecture, a platform dedicated to showcasing creative talents through online projects and portfolios. His organization provides clients with creative opportunities and exposure to the world of design. Its goals are to raising public awareness about design and art, enhance creative output by hosting workshops, and serving as designer's marketplace through
Talk:you’re a-OK:The creative Side. Room:W6-500‎
Abdulaziz AL KANDARI

a former executive of Al Hamra Real Estate Company, as well as Owner and Founder of the Kuwaiti based public relations and brand marketing company, Twentytwo//11. Named one of the 50 most influential people in Kuwait in 2011, Dana Mado is an established professional in her field. She has worked in the private sector for the past ten years on several large-scale projects, , partnering with organizations locally and regionally.
Talk: I am the Brand. Room: W6-500
Romain Danger is an art director from France who has created a variety of different graphics, illustrations, photography, decoration and scenography all over Kuwait for the last 5 years.
His studio is based in Egaila where he shares his common passion and talent for visual production with his wife by creating mix technique artworks influenced by the couture and fine art world.
Branding through Illustration. Room:W6-500

Bader Al-Essa graduated from the University of Denver originally with a degree in Information Technology (IT), but later on found his passion and interest for Public Relations.
He paved his own way using sheer skill to become the Head of PR and Marketing for the successful dental institute, ‘Asnan’. Bader has conducted several campaigns working with other regionally well-known companies and initiatives and has made several appearances on national television
Talk: 7 Steps of Creativity. Room:W6-500
Independent Filmmaker and Director. From a very early age, Abdulrahman found himself drawn to cameras and technology. As he began to explore these interests, he refrained from taking formal classes or courses, believing that a vision ca not be taught, but is instead driven by passion and experience. Today he is an award winning Filmmaker, who has directed two short films, a documentary and countless TV commercials,
Talk: My best mistakes. (In Arabic) Room:W6-500

Abdulrahman Al Sultan is a sketch artist and graphic designer that has been designing logos, photography and photo editing and other aspects of promotion. Altogether, it took him an estimated of 5-7 years of practice to build the required confidence in skills and design to help discover his passion and drive. He is currently finishing his graphic design degree at AUK.
Talk: It’s Everywhere. Room:W6-500
Artist and Fashion Illustrator. Abrar Zenkawi—who is also known as Notsiz—is a Kuwaiti-Hungarian who taught herself to become a leading fashion illustrator. Notsiz illustrates for several style magazines and her work has been recognized by such notables as Kim Kardashian, Chiara Ferragni, Kendall Jenner, Barbara Palvin and Kerin Rose Gold. Her work is inspired by fashion, models and beauty from around the world.
Talk: My passion for art. Room:W6-500

Graphic Designer & Graffiti artist. Mohammed Abuhakmeh—who goes by the nickname "Monstariam"—is a Graphic Designer by day and a Graffiti Artist by night. Born in Kuwait and raised in Pennsylvania, he moved back to his birth country after 15 years and has been working for over a decade on branding and street art. Monstariam has participated in over 30 solo shows for his work and his notoriety in the region is rising quickly.
Talk: Monstariam's Intro to awesome. Room:W6-500
Owner and Art Director of 4 elements. Hind Al-Terkait studied architecture, interior design, graphic design, communication and media. Graduated from AUK, she was one of the founders and the Vice President of the First Graphic Design Club at AUK. While pursuing her design studies she worked as a tutor at AUK and as a part time freelance designer. Hind is responsible for the successful design and re-branding of a number of well-known brands in Kuwait.
Talk: Social Media Power. Room:W6-500

Digital Art Director at Impact/BBDO Kuwait. Patrick Semaan has over 10 years of experience in advertising, graphic design, web design and art direction in Kuwait, France and the UK. Patrick is deeply interested in the ways that graphic design has rapidly evolved over the years. As a witness to many of these changes Patrick's own skills have evolved as he explored the reach of new media and its possibilities for collaborating and expanding new doors for creativity.
Talk: The evolution of graphic design. Room:W6-500
Abdulaziz Alduwaisan, also known as Bonmr is an art teacher at The Ministry of Education. He is also a freelance professional photographer who uses the techniques of photo manipulation to create unique images. In most of his work he uses himself as the the model. He enjoys passing on his knowledge of photography to others and has presented practical workshops for both beginner and advanced photographers.


Graphic Design & Design Educator. Suad Al Fraih is a mixture of creativity and artisan, with a midas touch to the things that she does. As a side job, Suad is a Teacher Assistant at Kuwait University, College of Architecture and Design, Department of Visual Communication. Bridging the gap between both worlds, education and practice Suad tends the possibilities of her own limitations and finds it within herself to find new ways of creative expression.
Fatema Yousef – currently a senior student at Gulf University for Science & Technology, is graduating with a BA in Mass Communciation, majoring in Visual Communication. Her love of art and design, in all their aspects, brings great enjoyment and happiness to Fatma. A great believer in the power of design, Fatma gives a sense of purpose to her work. Fatma enjoys working in a number of visual media, including drawing, painting, photography, videography and typography.


While chronicling the separation Wall in Palestine through photography, a surprising thing happened. Besides the images of misery and suffering we expected, the camera also caught a people which countered this expectation: faces of compassion, perseverance and hope rarely seen in Western media’s usual portrayal of Palestinians.The resulting photo journal depicts the humanity of a resilient people  
Talk: Love Wins: Palestinian Perseverance Behind Walls

Photographer & Graphic Designer. Farah Haider is a young Kuwaiti photographer and graphic designer with a BA in Mass Communcation, majoring in Visual Communciation from the Gulf University for Science & Technology. As a photographer, Farah explores many forms of photography, from digital, film to instant. She has also worked with many different genres of photography, from conceptual, studio to street.
Talk :Passion Meets Career: A Wonderful Balance.